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Quality Home-Raised Cavalier King Charles


The Cavalier, an exceptional breed, whose affectionate and
  noble nature will conquer many hearts ...

This breed is a real gem that will charm you with its expressive eyes and his noble and distinguished manner. This is a breed that was developed, a few decades ago, to be a true companion to the nobles of the British aristocracy.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is for people who want a dog who is neither too small nor too big, quiet at home, but always ready to to follow you in your activities, chic without much maintenance, and especially easy to live with and incredibly affectionate.

The primary objective of our breeding program is to produce beautiful Cavaliers worthy of the breed, superior in health, temperament and structure, while maintaining the breed standard.


Our dogs are first and foremost family members and live with us in our home.  Our dogs are an important part of our daily lives; we give a lot of love and attention to each of them, ensuring their well-being.

It is important for us that our dogs have a good health, a long lifespan and a typical Cavalier temperament, to ensure that their offspring will make great companions to their future families.

Parents are selected with great care both in terms of character and health, along with beauty and structure.

Our mission is to provide each of our puppies a great home and to provide you with a companion that will make you happy !


I am situaed near Drummondville, which is about an hour to the east from Montreal.


I am a member of good standing of these clubs and respect their quality codes of ethics :

  • Member of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada (CKCSCC)
  • Member of Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)
  • I also possess a diploma and experience as an Animal Health Technicien


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